Get With It: Guides for Parents

Get With It: Guides for Parents

The Get With It booklets are part of a series of resources which will help parents get to grips with their children’s internet use.

Produced for the Internet Advisory Board by the Society, Information and Media Research Centre at Dublin City University, the series provide invaluable parental guidance.

From Cyberbullying to Social Networking, and from filtering to new media technology, these guides, available for download below, will have you ‘with it’ in no time.

Get With IT: A Parents’ Guide to Cyberbullying


get with itCyberbullying is a big worry for parents as their children become more and more internet savvy. In this guide, all aspects of online bullying are outlined so that parents – who are best-placed to help their kids deal with the challenges – are on top of all the issues

Download Guide to Cyberbullying


Get With IT: A Parents’ Guide to Social Networking


get with itSocial Networking websites are among the most popular destinations when teens go online and sometimes parents can be worried about this aspect of internet use. This booklet explains how the Social Networking world works, what the risks are and what to look out for on a teen’s profile

Download Guide to Social Networking


Get With IT: A Parents’ Guide to New Media Technologies


get with itWe are surrounded by new technology, whether it be smartphones, tablets or laptops. This part of the series aims to help parents get on top of new media technologies and how they work. It also encourages parents to engage with their children on new media.

Download Guide to New Media


Get With IT: A Parents’ Guide to Filtering


get with itProtecting your child online is something every parent wants. This guide will help you understand the benefit of internet filtering, which will help protect children from internet content you don’t want them to see.

Download Guide to Filtering

Talk to someone

Worried about something you have seen online or concerned about your child? Childline and the National Parents Council Primary offer free advice and support service.

Childline is a support service for young people up to the age of 18.There is a 24hr telephone, online and mobile phone texting service.

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The National Parents Council Primary enables and empowers parents to be effective partners in their children’s education.

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Report Illegal Content

Sometimes you might unwittingly stumble across illegal online content like child abuse imagery. Always remember: you can report it and get it removed using

More on illegal content

Make a report exists to combat the distribution and proliferation of illegal content, like child sexual
abuse content, in conjunction with police and Internet Industry