Training and Support

For many years we have been invited to present workshops and talks at conferences and events for educators in Ireland on the issues for schools and teachers that arise from children’s use of the internet.

Sharing our knowledge and expertise with existing professional networks is a core part of what we do. We deliver workshops at the JMB Annual Conference, at the LETB Student Support Team Annual Conference, MITE, and other events for pre-service teachers. We also feature in the PDST TIE Digital technologies Seminars for School Leaders.


Below is a list of the resources that we have available to teachers and details of their content. Please get in touch using the CONTACT US form if you think we could add value to your event. Send us a description of the event you are organising including details of the venue, proposed date, number and nature of participants, and the purpose of the event. We get a lot of requests to deliver workshops; unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to facilitate everyone. We prioritise opportunities to speak to networks of educators and school leaders.


*Please note that we are a very small team and as a result, we don’t have the capacity to deliver in school teacher training or talks for parents.

Parents Talks

Internet Safety Talks for Parents

The Webwise Parents Presentation is designed to assist schools who wish to host parent internet safety evenings. The information included in the presentations covers key topics for parents including social media, screen time, cyber-bullying, image-sharing and features expert advice and support. Presentations for primary and post-primary schools can accessed via the link below. Presentations come in PowerPoint format, can be accessed for free and come with a full script, expert videos and interactive activities.

Training and Support

PDST Technology in Education

PDST Technology in Education provides courses and other continuing professional development opportunities to support the integration of ICT in the curriculum and help develop e-Learning in your school.

Training and Support

Online Internet Safety Courses

Safer Internet Use in the Classroom
An essential course for all teachers in today’s classrooms, this is a short course with expert information, practical tips, and advice from other teachers on how best to use the internet – including social media – safely in the classroom. Having done the course, teachers will be better placed to enjoy teaching and learning using the internet with students, without fear of common pitfalls. The course was developed with the Webwise (internet safety) team by PDST Technology in Education and may be suitable for ‘additional’ (Croke Park) hours, subject to school approval.

Social Media and Webwise Teachers
Any teacher or school using social media will find this short course covers the essentials on how to manage your professional reputation and that of your school when using social media. It also has valuable advice for those engaging in social media for personal as well as professional use. This course will be of interest to those who have already completed the course on Safer Internet Use in the Classroom. It was developed with the Webwise (internet safety) team by PDST Technology in Education and may be suitable for ‘additional’ (Croke Park) hours, subject to school approval.

Both online courses are delivered via Please return to for information on available dates (see the Course Schedule).


Safer Internet Day Activities for Schools

Looking for something to do with your school to celebrate Safer Internet Day, use our premade Safer Internet Day presentation, available in English and Irish. We also have a range of activities, videos and steps to help you make the most of Safer Internet Day.