MySelfie and the Wider World

Lesson 1 – My Online World.

This lesson will teach students how to reflect on their use of the internet and will help them consider the roles it plays in their lives.

Lesson 2 – What is Cyber Bullying.

This lesson deals with exclusion as a form of bullying and gives pupils opportunities to empathise with victims and intervene in a positive and safe way.

Lesson 3 – How Bullying Feels.

Online bullying can result in and be caused by strong emotions, this lesson gives students an opportunity to explore the emotions involved.

Lesson 4 – You’ve been Framed.

This lesson explores the topic of digital photo sharing and will help students to become more responsible in their photo sharing practices.

Lesson 5 – #Up2Us

In this lesson students will be given an opportunity to devise guidelines for taking and sharing photos online and for better internet and technology use in general.

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