Webwise Workshops

For many years we have been invited to present workshops and talks at conferences and events for educators in Ireland on the issues for schools and teachers that arise from children’s use of the internet.

Sharing our knowledge and expertise with existing professional networks is a core part of what we do. This year we have delivered workshops at the JMB Annual Conference, at LETB Student Support Team Annual Conference, MITE, and other events for pre-service teachers.

Below is a list of the workshops that we currently deliver and details of their content. Please get in touch using the CONTACT US form at the bottom of the page if you think we could add value to your event. Send us a description of the event you are organising including details of: the venue, proposed date, number and nature of participants, and the purpose of the event. We get a lot of requests to deliver workshops; unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to do them all up. We prioritise opportunities to speak to networks of educators and school leaders.

Please note that we are very small team and as a result we don’t have the capacity to deliver in school teacher training or talks for parents.

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