How to: Google SafeSearch for parents and teachers

How to: Google SafeSearch for parents and teachers

Google Safesearch for parents

Can Google searching be made safer for children?

Google’s SafeSearch filters allow you to change your browser setting to filter out adult content in Google search results. Google says:

No filter is 100 percent accurate, but SafeSearch should help you avoid most of this type of material.

How do I apply Google SafeSearch?

The steps below will need to be replicated on each browser on your machine and also possibly on every user profile (if you have several people using the same machine and they all have seperate logins)


Step One

Click on the settings logo, to the left of the search box. Google Safesearch for parents how to turn on



Step Two

Select “Search settings”. turn on Google Safesearch for parents



Step Three

Put a tick in the “Turn on SafeSearch” box, then click “Lock SafeSearch”.

safe-search safe-search-2


Step Four

Sign in using your a Google/Gmail username and password to activate lock modeturn on Google Safesearch for parents.



Step Five

When you see the coloured ball graphics on the Google screen, you know SafeSearch has been turned on.


turn on Google Safesearch for parents


Step Six

If a search is carried out for a restricted term, no results are returned. While no filtering solution is 100% accurate, Google SafeSearch is very effective at filtering out pornography and sexually explicit material.

However, violent content may still be available while SafeSearch is turned on and locked.

SafeSearch worked well on several browsers in the tests we conducted, but you need to be aware that it may fail at times on particular machines and browsers, so just keep an eye out once in a while that it is still working as you expected.

Talk to someone

Worried about something you have seen online or concerned about your child? Childline and the National Parents Council Primary offer free advice and support service.

Childline is a support service for young people up to the age of 18.There is a 24hr telephone, online and mobile phone texting service.

Get started

The National Parents Council Primary enables and empowers parents to be effective partners in their children’s education.

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Report Illegal Content

Sometimes you might unwittingly stumble across illegal online content like child abuse imagery. Always remember: you can report it and get it removed using

More on illegal content

Make a report exists to combat the distribution and proliferation of illegal content, like child sexual
abuse content, in conjunction with police and Internet Industry