Opportunities of the Online World

Opportunities of the Online World

According to NACOS 2021 report, most children in Ireland are positive about the Internet and say there are good elements for their age. 44% say this is very true and 39% say it is fairly true. It is always important to acknowledge how technology and the internet offers significant benefits and opportunities to young people across Europe and globally.


    1. Communication and social interaction – Video conferencing, social media, photo sharing and other messaging services allow young people to keep connected with peers, friends and family, and to interact and collaborate with other online users. Most importantly, online platforms can offer a voice to any young person who wishes to express themselves.
    2. Learning and education – A wealth of content is available online to enable learning. This could be self-directed through watching tutorials and engaging with educational content, or more structured learning through online courses and webinars. For older students, the freedom to access digital libraries and vast databases of research is also beneficial.
    3. Creativity and expression – Online platforms and services provide opportunities for young people to showcase their talents and skills, and work collaboratively with others to produce content for others to enjoy.
    4. Information and awareness – Staying informed about current events, trends and other important developments has been made far easier thanks to online news networks and social media platforms. Young people can learn about events that occur at a local, national and global level.
    5. Mental health and wellbeing – Young people can access resources and support groups. Mindfulness apps and other tools can help young people manage stress, sleep and health.
    6. Entertainment and leisure – Streaming services, gaming platforms, social media and other online spaces offer entertainment and enjoyment for young people. Physical and virtual good and services can also be accessed and purchased.
    7. Activism and participation – Online petitions, movements and campaigns can help raise awareness in youth, but also permit them to have a voice and an active role in social change. Technology also enables people to crowdfund to support new products or good causes.
    8. Professional development and careers – Even for younger learners, there is the potential to learn about different professions and acquire skills and knowledge relevant to future career paths. Young people with specific skills (in the arts and technology) can engage in entrepreneurship and freelance work.


Source: InSafe 2024 (European Schoolnet)

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