Take Part – New survey on young people’s use of internet and smartphones

Take Part – New survey on young people’s use of internet and smartphones

Webwise (the Irish Internet Safety Awareness Centre) in partnership with DCU Anti-Bullying Centre are working on important new research relating to young people’s use of internet and smartphones.


We are seeking support from post-primary schools in gathering student participation in this study about their smartphone and Internet use, as well as things they may do online. We are conducting this study to understand the online behaviour of children and young people in Ireland as part of Safer Internet Day 2024.


We would be grateful for your assistance in encouraging families to take part in the study and disseminating the consent form and survey to parents in your school for students to complete. The survey is designed for students aged 11-19 years old.


What is involved?

To register your interest please follow the register link below. You will then receive:

  • A letter of participation (to be signed by the Principal)
  • A letter/communication to disseminate to parents and parental consent link (parents will then receive the link for students to complete the survey)


The survey should only take 30 minutes for students to complete. We will be asking students several questions on various topics that will help us understand their online behaviour but no identifiable data, like their name, email address, media profiles or anything like that. Therefore, the surveys will be fully anonymous. This also means that we will not be able to remove students data after they submit the survey, as we will not be able to identify it. We will be asking questions on their smartphone usage, Internet access, cyberbullying and online safety. Students will not have to answer any question they do not wish to answer and will be able to withdraw from the survey at any moment. If the student wishes, parents can be present while their child completes the survey to help them complete it. For your information please see link to survey: Survey


To help understand the ever-changing opportunities and risks of the online world we need up to date research and data. The data gathering by this study will help inform the work of Webwise and DCU Anti-Bullying Centre including the development of up-to-date training, resources and supports for educators, young people and families. We would be very grateful for your support in encouraging parents and students to participate in this study.

About DCU Anti-Bullying Centre

Our names are Dr. Sinan Aşçı, Prof. James O’Higgins Norman, Dr. Sandra Sanmartín Feijóo, Darran Heaney, Dr. Carol O’Toole, Dr. Maryam Esfandiari, Dr. Megan Reynolds, Dr. Catherine Baker, and Beatrice Sciacca, and we work in the DCU Anti-Bullying Centre and collaborate with Jane McGarrigle from Webwise in the present study.

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