Lesson 1 – What is Privacy?

This lesson is designed to help students gain an awareness and understanding of the nature of ‘privacy’. Students will explore the issue of ‘privacy’ for famous people and consequently look at how the same issue could affect their lives.


Lesson 2 – My Autobiography

This lesson will give students an introduction to the
theme of New Media (the internet and mobile phones
in particular) using as a starting point the personal
experiences of each student.

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Lesson 3 – The Images

This lesson will allow students an opportunity to
consider the creative capacities of young people using
the internet and mobile phones.

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Lesson 4 – Simulation: Privacy Under Threat

Through simulation, students will experience the
difficulties and frustrations of several situations in
which their privacy is under threat, while exploring
the solutions available

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Lesson 5 – Debating the Issues

Having discussed the importance of protecting one’s online
privacy, students will now debate the issue among
themselves. The walking debate will give every student
the opportunity to express their opinion on the issues
under discussion. Consequently the class will create
their own slogan to highlight appropriate care around
ensuring the safeguarding of their privacy.

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Lesson 6 – What the Laws Say

In this lesson students will examine privacy as a human
right. First students will draft their own version of a
law to protect privacy, and consequently will examine
four documents which set out a right to privacy.

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Lesson 7 – Reflecting on Online Rights

This lesson involves a simple activity which allows
students to reflect further on the subject of their online
rights and responsibilities.

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Lesson 8 - The Committee

This lesson involves a role-play in which students are
divided into groups. Each group represents a point of
view shared by parents, teachers and students respectively.
Each group must select three online rights and
hypothesise during an entire class group session some
corrective measures or put forward practical proposals
so that the selected rights can become fully respected.

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Lesson 9 - The Tree of Solutions

Critical abilities linked to internet and mobile phone use.

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Lesson 10 - Think Before You Click

This is a summary class to pull together all the learning
from previous classes. Through deciding on key words,
students will establish for themselves the key messages
around the threats to privacy which exist online.

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Action Projects 1& 2

In this lesson students will be given an opportunity to devise guidelines for taking and sharing photos online and for better internet and technology use in general.

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Comic Strip

In this lesson students will be given an opportunity to devise guidelines for taking and sharing photos online and for better internet and technology use in general.

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