Online Safety in the Classroom – Webinars for Primary and Post-Primary Teachers

Online Safety in the Classroom – Webinars for Primary and Post-Primary Teachers

About the Webwise Teacher Webinar Series

Webwise, the Irish internet safety awareness centre, are delighted to present a series of FREE evening webinars for primary and post-primary teachers exploring a range of topics including cyberbullying, image-sharing and false information. The Webwise Teacher Series aims to provide helpful information, advice, guidance and resources to assist the introduction of online safety into the classroom. The series will be supported by experts in the area of digital technology, SPHE, Academics and legal experts. Teachers will have the opportunity to explore key topics and resources across primary and post-primary in greater detail. During the webinars teachers will explore online safety topics and identify the relevant resource(s) available to support the teaching and learning of the outlined online safety topic. Each webinar will be supported by a relevant expert. Details of each webinar available can be found below.


The webinars are a complementary support to relevant PDST Technology in Education courses on courses and will highlight the key online safety courses and supports available from the PDST.


MySelfie and the Wider World primary teaching resource

Webinar 1

Respectful Online Communication & Cyberbullying

Designed for teachers of 3rd to 6th class, this webinar will explore the topic of cyberbullying and promoting respectful online communication. Through exploring the HTML Heroes 3rd and 4th Class edition and MySelfie and the Wider World resources teachers will reflect on how best to introduce the topic of cyberbullying with their pupils and frame the conversation in terms of how they communicate and interact with others online, and understanding why their actions matter and the impact it can have on others. The webinar will also provide context for the topic of cyberbullying and how to best address it. The webinar will look at the topic of cyberbullying within the context of the SPHE curriculum and will be supported by expert input on best practice and how to effectively address cyberbullying in school. 


The guest speaker for this webinar is Dr. Seline Keating, Assistant Professor in Social Personal and Health Education (SPHE) and Wellbeing. Dr. Seline Keating is an assistant professor in SPHE and Wellbeing in DCU Institute of Education and the current Chairperson of the SPHE Network. She is a Research Fellow for the National Anti-Bullying Research and Research Centre. Seline designs and delivers CPD courses to primary and post-primary teachers on bullying prevention and intervention and has recently designed an anti-bullying policy audit tool for schools. She was the lead author on the RSE research paper commissioned by the NCCA and was appointed to the NCCA’s SPHE and RSE Developmental Group. She is the Principal Investigator of an EU funded research project titled Gender Equality Matters (GEM) which tackles gender stereotyping, gender-based bullying and gender-based violence. She was a co-author on the classroom materials All Together Now! and Making Children’s Rights Real. Seline’s research interests include: Wellbeing; Bullying Prevention and Intervention; Media Education; Relationships and Sexuality Education; Children’s Rights; Equality; SPHE Policy.


Date: Wednesday, 29th September

Time: 7-7.50PM

There will be some time for Q+A at the end of the session, please submit your questions to

HTML Heroes Teaching Resource for Webinar 2

Webinar 2

Introducing Online Safety to Young Children

Designed for teachers of 1st and 2nd class, this webinar will explore how best to introduce younger pupils to the first steps of accessing and using the internet in a safe and responsible manner. It will look at age appropriate internet safety advice for young children including using the internet safely, communicating online, playing and learning online, getting help and support. During this webinar teachers will be introduced to the new HTML Heroes 1st and 2nd Class edition as a key online safety resource to use when introducing internet safety for this age group. Teachers will also get practical advice and best practice considerations for embedding the use of digital technologies in their teaching and learning. 




The guest speaker for this webinar is Leanne Lynch, PDST Digital Technologies Advisor. Leanne Lynch is a primary school teacher seconded to the Digital Technologies team of the Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST). She supports primary schools in developing Digital Learning Plans contextualised to their school setting and helps teachers integrate digital technologies in their teaching, learning and assessment practices. 





Date: Wednesday, 13th October 

Time: 7-7.50PM






There will be some time for Q+A at the end of the session, please submit your questions to


Lockers teaching resource for use in webinar 1 for post primary teachers

Webinar 1

Image Sharing and Consent

Designed for post-primary teachers of SPHE and RSE this webinar will explore the topic of image-sharing and consent online using the Lockers programme. This webinar will break down the information within the Lockers resource and identify considerations when introducing this sensitive and emotive topic and gain a greater understanding and confidence on how to teach this topic. With the support of a legal expert, the webinar will provide teachers with an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the latest updates to legislation including an in-depth overview of Coco’s Law and will also explore a newly developed lesson for post-primary schools exploring Coco’s Law in detail.


The guest speaker for this webinar is Brian Hallisey BL. Brian Hallissey BL is a barrister with a civil practice specialising in personal injuries and commercial litigation. He also has an interest in the law of defamation and the law relating to the internet. He has a BCL and LLM (e-law) from University College Cork and has previously lectured on the LLB undergraduate course at Griffith College in the law of torts, intellectual property law and company law.


Date: Tuesday, 28th September

Time: 7-7.50PM


There will be some time for Q+A at the end of the session, please submit your questions to

Webinar 2

Respectful Online Communication and Cyberbullying

Designed for post-primary teachers this webinar will explore how to address the topic of cyberbullying and promote respectful communication using the #UptoUs resource and the Connected short film. Teachers will gain confidence in how to explore this topic with students and gain practical advice on what to do if an incident of cyberbullying is reported to them. The webinar will include expert SPHE input on best practice, provide teachers with expert advice and information on how to effectively address cyberbullying in school.  Teachers will gain an understanding of relevant policies, procedures and effective strategies for resolving incidents. 



The guest speaker for this webinar will be Denise Dalton, PDST Health and Wellbeing Advisor.






Date: Tuesday, 5th October

Time: 7-7.50PM


There will be some time for Q+A at the end of the session, please submit your questions to

Webinar 3

Media and Information literacy and the problems of False Information

Designed for post-primary teachers who wish to explore the topic of media and information literacy in more depth. During this webinar teachers will learn how to help their students identify false information online and consider the role of social media in the spread of false information. Supported by expert input, the webinar will provide an understanding of the terms misinformation and disinformation, outline key issues and considerations for effective media literacy education. Teachers will also have an opportunity to explore lesson activities within the Webwise Connected resource. 


The guest speaker for this webinar is Dr. Eileen Culloty. Dr. Eileen Culloty is an Assistant Professor in the School of Communications; deputy director of the DCU Institute for Media, Democracy and Society; and vice-chair of Media Literacy Ireland. Her research examines disinformation, digital governance, and media. Her book, co-authored with Jane Suiter, Disinformation and Manipulation in Digital Media (2021) is published by Routledge.


Date: Tuesday, 12th October

Time: 7PM


There will be some time for Q+A at the end of the session, please submit your questions to

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