A Parent’s Guide to Internet & Social Media Slang

A Parent’s Guide to Internet & Social Media Slang

teen slang

Kids these days, it’s like they speak another language! Keep up to date with our guide to the most popular terms teens use online.


BaeAcronym for “before anyone else.” A term commonly used to refer to a boy/girl friend.
BFFLBest friend for life
BFFsBest friends forever
#FBFFlashback Friday – (used in the same way as Throwback Thursday – sharing old photos/posts online)
FFS For f*$k sake
#FITSPOPopular hashtag used on Twitter and Instagram when posting about fitness
FOMOFear of missing out
FMLF*%k my life
#INSPO Inspiration – Popular hashtag used on Twitter and Instagram
ICYMIIn Case you Missed it
ILYI love you
IKI know
IONOI don’t know
JK Just kidding
LOLLaugh out loud
LMAOLaughing my ass off
#MCMMan crush Monday
MYOBMind your own business
NPNo problem
OMGOh my God
On Fleek On point / very good / perfect
ROFL Rolling on floor laughing
Sass Attitude
SmhShake my head // Shaking my head
SquadRefers to group of friends/close inner circle.
SWAG Stylish/Cool/Confident
#TBTThrowback Thursday – popular hashtag used to share old photos and videos.
TL;DRToo long, didn’t read
TMIToo much informaton
#WCWWomen crush Wednesday
WTV Whatever
YOLO You only live once

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