A Parent’s Guide to Internet & Social Media Slang

teen slang

Kids these days, it’s like they speak another language! Keep up to date with our guide to the most popular terms teens use online.


Bae Acronym for “before anyone else.” A term commonly used to refer to a boy/girl friend.
BFFL Best friend for life
BFFs Best friends forever
#FBF Flashback Friday – (used in the same way as Throwback Thursday – sharing old photos/posts online)
FFS For f*$k sake
#FITSPO Popular hashtag used on Twitter and Instagram when posting about fitness
FOMO Fear of missing out
FML F*%k my life
#INSPO Inspiration – Popular hashtag used on Twitter and Instagram
ICYMI In Case you Missed it
ILY I love you
IK I know
IONO I don’t know
JK  Just kidding
LOL Laugh out loud
LMAO Laughing my ass off
#MCM Man crush Monday
MYOB Mind your own business
NP No problem
OH Overheard
OMG Oh my God
On Fleek  On point / very good / perfect
ROFL  Rolling on floor laughing
Sass  Attitude
Smh Shake my head // Shaking my head
Squad Refers to group of friends/close inner circle.
SWAG  Stylish/Cool/Confident
#TBT Throwback Thursday – popular hashtag used to share old photos and videos.
TL;DR Too long, didn’t read
TMI Too much informaton
#WCW Women crush Wednesday
WTV  Whatever
YOLO  You only live once

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