Webwise Receive Media Literacy Award

Webwise Receive Media Literacy Award

Webwise’s newest education programme; HTML Heroes: A introduction to the internet has received a European Media Literacy Award this week at a European Media Literacy Conference in Brussels. Webwise were awarded for most educative media literacy project for the HTML Heroes Programme, the award was presented by Giuseppe Abbamonte, Director for Media Policy at DG Connect.

Media Literacy Award 2019

The European Media Literacy Conference is the main event of the European Media Literacy week, hosted by the Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, Mariya Gabriel. The conference has brought together experts from the public and private sector from across the EU to debate the topic. Participants have discussed the role of public authorities and different stakeholders in promoting media literacy.

The awards recognised three different categories focusing on innovative media literacy projects, most educative media literacy project, and the media literacy project with the greatest European potential.

The Media Literacy Awards considered the value of the three winning projects/initiatives on the following bases:

  • Media mashup: Award for the most innovative media literacy project (making use of innovative methodologies, means of communication or digital technologies – but as well being innovative compared to other initiatives in the field);
  • HTML Heroes: Award for the most educative media literacy project (addressing the specific educational needs of the project’s target audience); and
  • Media mistakes: Award for the media literacy project with the greatest European potential (cross-border elements, the potential of scalability and/or focus on topics particularly relevant for EU citizens).


Media Literacy Award 2019

Almost 130 Projects from European countries applied for the awards.  The projects were evaluated by a jury of experts, who selected the finalists and the three winners. The selection was based on the following main criteria:

  1. Originality and innovation: how innovative is the media literacy project compared to other initiatives in the field?
  2. Impact and scalability: the impact on the intended target groups and the potential of the project to be scaled up to address a wider audience.
  3. Clarity of presentation: the description is clear and easy to understand.


Ten projects had been selected as finalists for the Media literacy Awards. The projects vary from teaching digital skills to bridging and filling the gaps in journalism. All shortlisted projects were invited to pitch to the judging panel at the European Media Literacy week flagship event in Brussels.


About HTML Heroes – An Introduction to the Internet

Launched for Safer Internet Day 2019, HTML Heroes is a free, digital media literacy programme designed to support primary level teachers as they introduce digital technology and the internet to the classroom.

Media Literacy Award 2019

The programme designed for 3rd and 4th class pupils exploring the following topics:

  • Effective and safe searching
  • Copyright online
  • Evaluating information
  • Recognising online advertising
  • Misinformation and clickbait
  • Personal information and privacy
  • Respectful communication online
  • Social media and online influencers

The aim of the programme is to help 7-10 year olds develop critical thinking and digital media literacy skills to effectively and safely navigate the online world while also promoting positives uses of technology.


The HTML Heroes Programme comprises of eight interactive lessons and three specially designed animations for use in the classroom. The resource introduces students to the internet with the help of two USB key characters Archie and Ruby who explains how the internet works and address key online safety topics including privacy, cyberbullying and evaluating information online.  The programme also addresses growing concerns about technology and the use of devices such as passive v productive time online, online gaming, online advertising, and social media.


Since launching in February 2019, 3,400 Primary schools have received supporting activity sheets and information on accessing the programme.


HTML Heroes can be accessed for free here: https://www.webwise.ie/html-heroes/

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